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My dream

I frequently have crazily elaborate dreams, but I don't often remember them in detail. However, for some reason, I remember the dream I had right before waking up this morning.

In my dream, I was back at the paper mill I used to work at during my college summers. Or, as I should say, I was in a space that I understood to be the paper mill, although it looked nothing like it. A group of us were standing around being addressed by our supervisor, a short black man wearing a tan jumpsuit, who told us that he only had about $5 for gas money for us all. In the dream, this seemed meaningful, but I have no idea what it could have meant.

After that, the supervisor said he had a surprise. Some people come out with boxes, and we open them up, and inside are graduation-style caps and gowns. The caps are black, and the gowns are a different color -- like an orange-red. For some reason, this was a fantastic treat for the millworkers. I looked around, and all the old fat blue-collar guys were excitedly putting on the caps and gowns and laughing and smiling and having a great time. At some point, flashbulbs started going off, and there were people taking pictures of us in our gowns. One of the millworkers said that we (meaning everyone present) should "start our excursion" (apparently some outing they had planned) early, as compensation for the lost gas money. Everyone got excited about this as well, and started discussing plans for the excursion.

Meanwhile, I realize that with me is a girl from high school who never worked at the mill. She and I are pulled off to the side to get our picture taken for the high school newspaper with some cheerleaders. At this point, we may be in cheerleader outfits as well instead of our caps and gowns, but I don't remember exactly. Somewhere around this time, there's some idle chatter in the background about a bomb threat or a bomber or something.

One of the photographers is Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. She wants to take a picture of me with a bottle rocket in my mouth, as some sort of commentary on the bomb threat thing. So I lay on the ground, and she snaps the bottle rocket's little stick thingy so it's only a few inches long, and sticks it in my mouth, and lights the fuse, and starts taking pictures.
I'm laying there, and I can hear the fuse burning, and I've got my eyes closed, and I'm thinking about whether or not she'll put the fuse out before the bottle rocket goes off, and I'm considering whether it will blow up in my face or fly off or what if she doesn't. And then I hear a tsssss sound, which is the fuse being put out, and she's done. I don't know if she has taken a picture or not. I never get to see the picture.

I'm relieved, but then there's this loud guy with a big curly jew-fro walking down the hall towards us yelling. Karen says it's her boss, and she starts to panic -- she was there for a specific assignment, and if he catches her doing this side project she'll be in trouble.
So she goes to talk to him, and she either walks down the hall or around the corner or otherwise disappears from the scene for a moment.

I go to investigate, and the scene changes. There is a line of small dwellings -- small cottages or campers or trailer homes, something like that -- with low (less than a foot) fences around them. Karen is up against one of them with her back exposed, and her boss and another woman are yelling at her and punching her back, but the punches are these really light baby punches.

I yell at the boss guy, and he steps out to confront me, and I punch him really hard -- I feel the punch uncoil from my back foot, through my torso, and snap through my elbow, and it makes a loud thud when it lands. He falls backward over the low fence and falls down, and I jump over the fence and start kicking the shit out of him while he's down.

After that the scene changes and the boss is gone. Karen is standing next to me telling me that she's going to get fired, but that's ok because she didn't need that job anyway. Then I wake up.

Like I said, these are the kinds of dreams I have every night. I just usually don't remember them when I wake up.